UTM Builder - Generate UTM Codes

UTM URL Builder create a traffic tracking URL

UTM Builder is a free Online tools, can be used as UTM URL generator to Generate UTM Codes for Camping traffic tracking. Easy to use UTM Builder, Generate UTM Codes, which is used in Campaign for traffic tracking.

UTM Code Generator - Generate UTM Code

This utm-url-generator tools is very helpful for Digital Marketer in evolution and monitoring, to track record of traffic source.

UTM-Builder is utm code generator; UTM Code builder Generate UTM Code by adding extra custom Variable or parameter in your URL. Generated UTM code is a traffic tracking URL, which helps you to track traffic source, keyword & medium in your analytics reporting system.

* Website URL

The full website URL (e.g. https://www.tekaseo.com) that you wants to track

* UTM Source - utm_source

utm_source can be facebook, openpr just website name where you place link to bring traffic

* UTM Campaign Medium - utm_medium

utm_medium helps to identify medium of traffic e.g email or executive name who shared the link

* UTM Campaign Name - utm_campaign

Use name that helps you to identify your Campaign or its strategy use in Campaign

Copy & Share this complete URL with UTM Code generated by Tekaseo's UTM Builder.

You can use this URL for any digital promotional activity, on channels & platform.

Accountability is the best feature of digital marketing. A UTM Builder is power full tools to Generate traffic tracking URL. Accurately Measure Marketing Campaigns by appending additional custom Variable, camping traffic and Source parameter.

UTM Builder makes a query string of simple SEO & Google Friendly URL, addition of tracking variable and respective values for camping tracking purpose.

With the help of this UTM URL you can differentiate & monitor campaigns more accurately, Traffic Analytics system record & understands traffic source, keyword & Medium.

UTM Builder

FAQ's UTM Builder or UTM URL Code Generator

What is UTM Builder?

UTM URL Builder create a tracking URL, a great free tool to Generate UTM Code for experiment with UTM parameters for all smaller and larger online campaigns. This UTM URL builder allows you to build UTM tracking codes automatically, to track campaign performance in Google Analytics or any other analytics.

How does a UTM Code Look Like in a URL!

This is how does a UTM Code Look Like in a URL!


What is UTM Code?

UTM is Urchin tracking module a pattern of URL used by analytics tools for traffic tracking through URL, UTM URL helps markets to track traffic source more specific and accurately. You can generate traffic tracking URL code with this free UTM URL builder.

UTM builders are tools that add custom parameters to your URL for campaign, to the end of a URL enabling traffic Analytics tools track traffic using UTM URL code.

How do I generate a UTM code? or How to Create UTM Codes to Track Your URLs with UTM Builder

To Generate a UTM Code, you can simply fill values UTM URL Parameters in UTM builder tools to generate UTM Code for traffic tracking.

With UTM Builder you can easily create UTM Codes to track your URLs. After filling details in Text Box, Copy UTM Code and Paste/Share UTM Code where your website visitor click links most.

Almost all Digital marketer and SEO professional use UTM Generator tool and use UTM code in Marketing Camping to evaluate traffic source and performance.

Where UTM parameters is used for Analytics?

Not only Google Analytics but almost other online platforms used UTM Code & Parameter for reporting and to understand traffic source. Websites also use UTM URL for traffic classification.

  • Ecommerce website – Amazon, Flipkart, Mobile Apps etc
  • Social media – Facebook Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, and others)
  • Email Marketing -
  • Traffic analytics tools – Google Analytics, Facebook Insight,
  • URL shortens Platform – Bit.ly and many more.
  • Marketing platforms - Google Ads, Google Adsence, Facebook Adverts, Taboola,
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