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Firstly let me tell you some things about Title Checker, Title Tag Optimizer, and Title Tag Optimization Analyzer: complete tools for Title Tag Optimization for major Search Engines.

Benefits of Title Checker, Title Tag Optimizer, Title Tag Optimization Tools & Analyzer

  1. Check your Business or web site name in the home page of web site
  2. Check your Length of Title
  3. Check Number of Words and Keywords in Title
  4. Check individual Keyword density in Title.
  5. Check Stop words in Title tag.
  6. Check keywords in the title which Keywords not appear in page contain.
  7. Check Repeated title keyword's plural forms in contents.

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Do's and Don'ts for Title Tag Optimization

  1. Use Business or web site name in the home page of web site
  2. Keep Length of Title under 60 characters with 6-10 words and up to 3 keywords only.
  3. Individual Keyword density in Title must range between 10% to 100%.
  4. Try avoiding Stop words in Title tag.
  5. Don't put keyword in the title which Keywords not in page contain.
  6. Repeated title keyword's plural forms in contents.
  7. Use Unique Title for every Page.

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Importance of Title in Web Design and SEO Services

As a web designer, programmer or a SEO Professional, it is very important to understand the importance of Title tag. The purpose, Appearance, Understanding is very essential in good ranking at Major Search Engine's SERP as SEO Services.

I am going to tell you from the basic of Title tags and Title Optimization, So that every once can understand the benifits of Title tag. This will helpful to those who are new Webbees in designing or new HTML Learner, but before that I just what to tell you some basic but very important concept of learning.

See, some people are just concentrating on the definition’s, which is given by the experts without knowing the actual meaning and purpose. May be some of you agree with my thought and some are not. But unfortunately it’s true. If we try to find out actual meaning of a particular word, we able to define its definition in own words, which is very easy to understand and explain.

So, come back to our topic of Importance of Title tag, its definition, purpose and how to achieve better ranking and CTR.

What is Title Tag? Title is a HTML tag. A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) as the clickable headline for a given result, and are important for usability. Title is like lable tht we paste on to the files and folder in office in older days.

Title is a HTML tag, used to display text at head of web browser.”

What is the purpose of Title? Title Tag is opening of businees and converstion in Digital Marketing, Title tags are important because it helps readers know what information will be present when they lands on pages. Similarly, in 1990's we store take out files after reading lables on files and Folder in cupboard.

Where we can found or use it? At head of web browser

It is like absract or short description of webpage,

Title briefly tells you in SERP, what actual content having page? So if the page’s Title and content does not match, may new visitor never visit your site in future? Would any of you like to loose your prospective buyer or user? Absolutely not! So please make sure what the purpose of the page, and then accordingly decide the “TITLE” tag. If I am not wrong, Now many question arising in your mind naa!, what has to include and which not to include and many more. Just complete this page and you will find the answers for each and every of your questions.

FAQ's on Importance of title in for SEO & Digital Marketing

1. What to include in “Title”? Keywords, Strong key words for main page, long tail key words for sub pages.
2. Can we use same “Title” or “Keywords” for all pages? No, never “Title” should be theme biased only main keyword, or company name can repeats.
3. What not to include in “TITLE” tag? Less proposition, so avoid them, articles are best for “Title” .
4. Does entire web browser read “Title” in same way? No, only the purpose of entire web browser has same i.e., providing brief information about the page, but strategy to read may differ.
5. Max length for “Title”? Depends on web browser, keeping the algorithm of entire web browser 60-72 characters are recommended, can fit for every browser. Use Title Optimizer tools.
6. Which word can be added in “Title”? Use Word like, free, offer, Tips, Best, Top, near, list, etc these are the word which mostly present in query of search engines.
7. Can we use special character? Using Special character affects much, use only Hypen(-), comma(,) and Pipe(|) are recommended.
8. Can we give company name in every Title? Yes you can, its helps you in Branding, keeping length of “Title” in mind, first place your important keywords, and then can add company name. Again Don't forget to add Company name or website name in first index page.
9. How many keywords should add in “Title”? Again, keeping length of “Title” in mind, no limits but 3-4 keywords are best with sticky words-Ref Q no 6.
10. What about “Title”, in case of mobile browser i.e. Opera Mini, UCWeb and others?
See “Title” is not as much important for mobile browser, because it shows few 10-15 chars only. But the algorithm for providing SERP is similar for all mobile and computer browser.

Just implement above thing with your business and see the difference, recommend for other. Read out more digital Marketing Tips and techniques.

Page Last Updated : 04 Apr 2021
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