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Canonical URL Checker is Free Canonical Inspection to inspect Canonical Tag. Canonical Tag Optimizer is a Free Canonical Inspection Tool. It helps webmaster to Inspect Canonical Tag of webpage

Canonical URL Checker - Inspect Canonical URL HTML Tag

Canonical Tag inform SE about "preferred" or "Original" Content

Canonical URL Checker tool inspect Canonical HTML Tag of webpage. Canonical URL is a communicating medium to Search Engine. Canonical Tag of a web page tells Search engine which is "preferred" or "Original" Link and Prevent duplicate content issues in search engine optimization/SEO.

If the current page URL and Canonical URL are same, it means the current page is preferred & Original webpage for Search Engine Indexing & It should not exclude from Indexing.

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What is canonical URL?

Canonical URL is a HTML Element appears in Head section of webpage. A canonical URL is best way to inform Search Engine that which page URL has important and Original content. Based on User declared Canonical URL Search Engine Crawl & index those Original page and Exclude Duplicate page

How Search Engine decide which URL to be index or not to index?

Search Engine uses Canonical URL Tag to decide which URL to be index and appear in SERP or exclude URL from indexing.

If Page URL and URL mentioned in Canonical Tag is same. Search engine can be indexing of that URL. And if Page URL and Canonical URL in Canonical HTML Tag are different, Search Engine excludes those page and index the page which is mentioned in Canonical Tag.

When canonical URL is used?

Canonical URL can used for reasons; first when same webpage information, entire page content appears at different URL/Link, and secondly when the similar contents available on different URL but different version. Different Version means a mobile page link or a translated page in other language, Google consider those contents as duplicate webpage.

Google Search engine is confused, which URL/Link considers as original and important contents and which is duplicate?

Resulting Google is unable to prefer indexing and in most of the time exclude and mark URL as … in Google Search Console.

Why Canonical is important or why canonical URL Tag is important in SEO?

SEO Experts & Webmaster know importance of Canonical tag for success of their SEO Camping. Canonical URL Tag is very important in SEO

Should I use Canonical URL, if my website page appears only at one URL?

Yes, you must use Canonical URL tag in your webpage even if your webpage has only one link. Use our canonical ULR checker tool to check if your page has a canonical tag and to find out which page should be index by search engines based on the canonical location.

If Canonical URL is missing in webpage, Google Search engine confused. Without which URL/Link considers as original, important contents and which are duplicate contents.

How do I find my canonical?

If your are new and don’t know how to find use Canonicalization of canonical Tag, Inspect Canonical URL with Canonical URL Checker tools, it helps you a lot.

What is a canonical example?

As you already know, when same contents appears on different URL, Canonicalization must use.

Canonical Example on ecommerce website

Canonical give for better indexing, and saves you from duplicate contents penalty, earlier very few ecommerce website were using canonical.

When you add a product for sale on ecommerce website, and assign multiple categories to same product.

For example you added a POLO T-Shirt, and assigned same T-Shirt to Mens, Clothing & Accessories, Sports, Polo, 20%off, New Arrivals, Half Sleeves. So now if you go through Category, Brand and Attribute you get the same image, price and product specification but browsing URL will be different.

In such case same contents available on different 7 URL. Search engine unable to identify which is main and preferred URL resulting consider pages as DUPLICATE Contents (if proper canonicalization not done).

How do I fix canonical issues?

If you don’t fix canonical issue, your website would not appear on SE. Fixing canonicalization issue is major task of webmaster. Website with canonical issue doesn’t index on search engine or index wrong pages, resulting Search Engine Optimization suffers.

What is canonical in HTML?

Canonicalization gives clear direction of preferred index page to search engine with Canonical HTML Tag.
Canonical HTML Tag on Original Page - Give same page URL in canonical tag because that page is preferred

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Canonical HTML Tag for Page with duplicate contents
If current page URL
But the same content is appears also on triple-pv-ayurvedic-hair-oil.html
This is more appropriate URL to index, so canonical tag must content preferred page URL as triple-pv-ayurvedic-hair-oil.html
Following canonical HTML tag must be added on both pages.

<link rel="canonical" href=""/>

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