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Generate JSON-LD FAQ markup with our JSON-LD generator tool.
Copy & Paste to generated FAQ josn-ld Schema code for your website without coding.

FAQ Schema Markup Generator Tool

FAQ Schema is good to Increase CTR & Organic SEO

To Generate FAQ Schema Markup, use Tekaseo Schema Generator tools and Generate josn-ld Schema for FAQ Page. Very Easy to use Schema Generator tool. Generate FAQ schema code instantly, no coding experience required to use this FAQ Schema Code Generator Tools.


Why FAQ Schema (josn-ld) is important for SEO?

FAQ Schema tells Search Engine about your FAQ Section & allows your website to display additional section called 'frequently asked question' (FAQ) on SERP when Visitor for revelent keyword Search - FAQ Schema give Better CTR Click-Through Ratio in SERP & Increase SEO Ranking

How to use Tekaseo's Online FAQ Schema Generator Tools

Step 1 : Copy & Paste Question and its answer in respective Text Box

Step 2 : After Adding Text in Text box Click on Add Row Button

Step 3 : Repate Step 1 & 2 Until You complete all FAQ for the Page

Step 4 : If you wish to remove/delete Question and Answer Select Check box of Respective Question Row And Click on Delete Row Button

Step 5 : Once you finish Click Generate FAQ Schema Button

Step 6 : Click Copy FAQ Schema Coding Button. Now josn-ld Schema Coding is Copied on Your Clipboard, Paste at head section of webpage.

Step 7 : To Start with New FAQ list Click Start with New FAQ Button.

Page Last Updated : 18 Aug 2021

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