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Validate AMP page URL HTML Tag - AMP Page URL Checker Tool

AMP Page URL Checker is Free AMP Page Inspection to inspect AMP Page link Tag. This Free AMP Page Inspection Tool helps webmaster to Inspect & test Accelerated Mobile Pages proper linking with AMP Version of HTML webpage

AMP Link Checker - Inspect AMP URL HTML Tag

AMP Page Tag inform SE about Valid Accelerated Mobile Page Content

AMP Page URL Checker tool inspect AMP Page HTML Tag of webpage. AMP Page URL is a communicating medium to Search Engine. AMP Page Tag of a web page tells Search engine about AMP Version content for Faster access and better search engine ranking.

If the current page URL and AMP Page URL are same, it means the your page is only Accelerated Mobile Pages no other version available for Search Engine Indexing.

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What are Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP ?

AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages” and AMP originally an acronym and abbreviation of Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an open source HTML framework Created by Google & developed as AMP Open Source Project.

How Search Engine decide Page has AMP or Not ?

AMP Page URL is a HTML Element appears in Head section of webpage.

Search Look for following link AMPHTML Tag in your webpage, and if mention destination has valid AMP Content

<link rel="amphtml" href="" />

When AMP Page Tag is used?

If your webpage has AMP Version Page, you must use

<link rel="amphtml" href="" />

Why AMPHTML Tag is important?

SEO Experts & Webmaster know importance of AMP Page tag for success of their SEO Camping. AMP Page URL Tag is very important if you wants to server & Prefer AMP Content

Should I use AMP Page URL, if my website page is only amp contents?

Yes, you must use AMP Page tag in your webpage even if your webpage has only AMP Verion. Use our AMP Page link checker tool to check if your page has a AMP Page tag.

If AMP Page Tag is missing in webpage, Without AMP Page Tag Google Search engine would not able to understant that your webpage is in AMP Version.

How do I find my AMP Page?

If your are new and don’t know how to find AMP Version Content, Inspect AMP Page URL with AMP Page link Checker tools, it helps you a lot.

How do I fix AMP Page linking issues?

If you don’t fix AMP Page linking issue, your website would not appear in Search Engine as AMP Contents. Fixing AMP Linking issue is major task for webmaster & developer. Website with AMP Page issue doesn’t index on search engine or show wrong pages, resulting Search Engine Optimization suffers.

What is AMP Page Tag in HTML?

AMP Page Tag gives clear direction to Search Engine About Accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Google Identify, preferred Index, Cached & Serving AMP pages to Mobile users by search engine with the help of AMP Page HTML Tag.

<link rel="amphtml" href="" />

Page Last Updated : 01 Aug 2021
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