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Internet advertisement is growing very fast; we can rip more profit, instant response and increasing web site traffic effectively with attractive and eye catching banner. We at Tekaseo get information from client process them with Color, Graphics, Content, Frames, Structure and Legible Font and Design quality, attractive, eye catching banner.

We know which banner design can produces the best results and directs the most useful traffic related to your business. We directly target userís subconscious mind, by using appropriate color, attractive and informative graphics, legible font which can read easily and useful content We design both static banner and dynamic banner; we also provide animated seasonal greeting, special occasion greeting and web site header. Contact personally for animated seasonal, special occasion greeting and website banner. If you want some eye catching banners, see our affordable and flexible rates. We provide banner design services in exclusive range and rates

Size Rates
16px X 16 px favicon Rs.250
88 px X 31 px Banner Rs.350
234 px X 60 px Banner Rs.450
120 px X 60 px Banner Rs.450
120 px X 90 px Banner Rs.450
100 px X 100 px Banner Rs.450
120 px X 120 px Banner Rs.450
125 px X 125 px Banner Rs.450
120 px X 240 px Banner Rs.750
160 px X 240 px Banner Rs.750
728 px X 90 px Banner Rs.750
120 px X 600 px Banner Rs.750
160 px X 600 px Banner Rs.750
250 px X 250 px Banner Rs.900
300 px X 250 px Banner Rs.900
336 px X 280 px Banner Rs.900

Site Header upto 800 pixels by 145 pixels Rs.2250 All delivery on next two working days after conforming, full details and order….

Why Tekaseo

  • Creates a long lasting impression on your clients
  • Conveys your business motives
  • Brands your business
  • Gives recognition to your business.
  • You Company Name, Punch line, Service you provide and Service Industry
  • Unmatched quality
  • Experienced Professionals Web Banner Designer
  • Totally Unique Design
  • Complete work on deadline
  • Guarantee for Satisfaction