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Directory Submission
Directory Submission Services Nagpur

Tekaseo : Directory Submission Services Nagpur

Directory Submission Service come in existence as a part of SEO and Link Building in early 1990’s when crawler based engines Google, Yahoo and MSN recognize link form top directories. DMOZ (Open Directory), Virtual Directory, Ansearch and Yahoo Directory are most reliable and popular sources of information for search engines, which provides very concise but precise information.

Directory Submission is act of providing information about web site’s URL, Title, Description and Keywords under appropriate category to directories. Only home or root directory is including as listing, in hierarchical tree structure for its database. Directory Submission services are a part of Link building

Directories are online guide and collection of web site as a catalog under different categories. It needs manual submission on each directory engine, approval is only after review and verification from human editor, an experts team in their filed, only if they found purpose and content of site is valuable, so they always differs for engines to engines.